Quick Click Offer is a company built for success.

We are a driven group of individuals, with a few members of our team being Veterans of the Armed Forces. Our mission is to impact lives outside of just Real Estate and help ourselves and others reach better financial futures. Everyone on this team has come from a background of adversity and we know how difficult and sometimes crushing homeownership can become. Our goal isn’t to buy properties its to find solutions to people’s problems, day in and day out we focus on our clients’ needs not just on their properties.

Our Core Values

Action-Oriented – We take the initiative, so we’re always ahead of the curve.

Experts In Our Craft – Everyone on our team is HIGHLY trained, they have the ability and experience to handle anything that comes our way.

Integrity – Do the right thing even if you could get away with it, we treat others as we would like to be treated.

Adaptable – We adapt daily to the changing marketplace and we adapt to new challenges to help people every day.


How Are We Able to Buy So Many Properties?

Over the years we have built a great track record of rehabbing properties, not only by ourselves but also with trusted partners who have great reputations in real estate. These alliances allow us to operate at a much higher level than a typical real estate company. Once rehabbed we either sell the property or rent it out.


The Winning Team?


The founder of the Company, he has over 10 years of experience he’s involved with all things real estate from large commercial projects and developments as well as the residential space. He started his real estate journey flipping properties by himself and shortly after partnered with his younger brother, Nic, to help him build a company.


He was Sebastian’s first partner in this journey and he’s earned his stripes along the way. He also does his own projects outside of residential, and within the residential realm he has been responsible for creating partnerships that have allowed him to rehabilitate 100s of homes


As an Active Duty Marine he started flipping houses with any spare time he could find, he was determined to find a way to be successful in real estate. Now as a Veteran he has joined the power team and is our Head of Staff and Development.


A Veteran of the Marine Corps, he was working on helicopters for a Fortune 500 company, he left to pursue a much more rewarding career in Real Estate. He now manages the Operations and Systems of the company.


Growing up his father was a contractor, so since he was 16 he was working physically rehabbing houses, he pushed past contracting into the investing side and he is now the Transactions Manager


Also a Veteran of the Marine Corps, he saw that he had a bigger purpose in life, as a child his father had previously owned Real Estate and it was difficult for him to upkeep, so he started by helping his Father restore his properties. This lead him to see the opportunity to help more people in similar situations, he is now our Acquisitions Manager