Hello everyone!

You clicked your way into this page because you want to learn more about us and who we are. So here comes our little story 😀

We are a team of young ambitious guys who loves real estate.

To be honest it was real estate that brought us all together, a few guys served in the military together prior. 

We started with house flipping because we liked the idea of taking something that needed care and put it back into life. 

We’ve had this conversation a lot of times at the office actually, we simply loves seeing something in our mind and making it reality. 

And thats why real estate is a good match for us. 

We’re so extremely lucky that we’re able to combine our passion with our work which is because of you guys. 

So thank you!

From the start we learned that real estate is a relationship game

When we say this we mean that real estate is something that should make sense from both sides of the table.

It doesn’t make any sense if only one party benefits if the other side doesn’t. 

It’s the same if we’re partnering with other investors, or working with homeowners. 

Our reputation that we’ve been able to build because of this has generated us more business than any type of marketing. 

and why is that?

As we mentioned earlier some of us served together in the military. 

And over the years we learned that the only thing we have left at the end of the day is our reputation. 

So we can make 99 good deals and 1 bad deal. 

And you have one guess which deal people will remember us by…

Thats right….. the bad deal. 

So we always make sure that everyone is on the same page.

And if thats not possible we simply cant do business together. 

What is our Goal? 

We’d like to create better future for our families, we want to be able to have something to pass down, whether it  be business knowledge or physical real estate. We spend a lot of time volunteering for toy drives and helping on holiday events. Our motto is relationship over revenue, our goal is to impact lives and we do that through real estate.

and dont you worry…..we know it sounds corny

But we simply try to make the best of  every situation even though we know it’s a difficult thing to do.

We truly believe we have the power and network to help everyone that needs it.

But why real estate 

We don’t believe in coincidences, everyone on this teams life was drawn into real estate organically. None of us looked at the absurd and unrealistic amount of money the people on HGTV were making flipping houses. We all started real estate for the right reasons, thats why we’ve been able to have the success we have had.


Real estate has been a great vehicle for us to accomplish a lot of things in life. 

And we simply believe that we are on the path to something great. 

We love what we do and we are passionate about our business.

Sounds too good to be true?

At the end of the day you can have your own opinion about us

The only thing you cant take away is that if you choose to work with us some day

You soon come to realize that we are in it to win it!

We love what we do and we will never leave real estate….period 


Wanna see our team?


well here you have it 🙂